Research Interest

Our laboratory has projects spanning all aspects of image-guided drug delivery. Major areas of interest include the fusion of images between ultrasound, PET, MRI and CT, the development of activatable drug delivery vehicles, and the development of molecularly-targeted drug delivery vehicles. Members of our laboratory bring expertise in many areas including biomedical engineering, physics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, material science, chemistry, and biology.

Contact: Katherine W. Ferrara

Ferrara Lab Members December 2022

People from left to right:

Mohammed Ahmed, Wei-lun Tang (Alumni), Martin Karl Schneider, Eunyeong Park, Spencer Tumbale, Mallesh Pandrala, Bo Wu, Josquin Foiret, Nisi Zhang, Katherine Ferrara (PI), Marina Raie, Jai Woong Seo, Aris Kare, Javier Ajenjo, James Wang, Angelie Rodriguez.